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born in the military, bred for business.

Our Solution Platform
Secure communications across the globe are tantamount to the success of the US military, and the defense and protection of our soldiers, assets and sensitive data. It is under the auspices of consistent threats that Espre Technologies began working with the US Department of Defense to develop next generation tech to support our global military efforts.

The NvisiLink family of chipsets and sensors are the culmination of 5 years of development and represent more than 10 domestic and international patents.

The resulting technology offers an exponentially more secure platform with 10X capacity and device connectivity at a 99% data efficacy rate.

Security.    Direct dual layer data protection with chaotic waveform (physical) over encryption (digital).
                   AI powered threat identification and elimination.
                   Physical layer at network edge (password, VPN, and other protocols).

Capacity.   Waveforms are rerouted within the network.
                   Spectrum reallocation frees bandwidth increasing device capacity by 10X.

Efficacy.   10X simultaneous per milisecond transactions effectively eliminate data collisions.
                   Interference is mitigated by smart spectrum routing and network agnostic inter-operability.

Transitioning to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been a clear path for Espre since the company's inception. The tech that is crucial to supporting our military is uniquely suited to supporting the security needs of corporate data transactions and streamlining operations management in a 5G world.

Specifically, NvisiLink chips uniquely enable full wireless connectivity for thousands of sensors simultaneously moving data between nodes and management systems. Of particular interest to Espre has been the re-imagination of the automated production line. Production automation is not a new concept. It is, however, deeply rooted in legacy tech with 94% of worldwide production lines operating on fully wired systems. These systems absolutely enhance the production process, but unfortunately come at steep maintenance and support costs. Espre is building relationships with robotics manufacturers and systems integrators to introduce strikingly simple and far more cost effective platforms.

As a business owner, cost is always a part of the equation, from implementation to operations and support. As NvisiLink works on any network, new infrastructure is not required. In fact, wired systems will LOSE their wires (and the cost of maintaining the wires, fixing the wires, re-routing the wires). Wired systemss will LOSE a measure of support programming (clocking/scheduling of data transactions, coding of sensor data, tracing wired discrepancies, etc.). All management is within and through the network (and the operating platform). Sensors will no longer require the coding that their wired predecessors required. The massive scalability of the NvisiLink platform enables 10X simultaneous transactions. Data collisions and delays become a non-issue. Operations management is completely centralized. More importantly, there is nearly unlimited room to grow at incrementally lower cost. Install the sensor, and it just works. As 5G networks enable universal connections, the business owner can be poised to take full business advantage.

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The Team

Dr. John Terry, CEO & Founder

John is a highly sought after expert and speaker on wireless networks, communications protocols, and technology innovation. He has successfully led Terry Consultants, Inc. for 14+ years. He is currently the CTO and co-founder of PlusN, a leading solution provider for Smart Carrier Aggregation for 4G and 5G networks. He has worked with Nokia, WiQuest, AT&T, Verizon, and multiple innovative market players. He is an adviser of Gotenna, and is a senior member of IEEE and Vice-Chair of 802.11g. John holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Erik Vadersen, Finance & Business Development

Erik is the founder and Managing Director of International Rail, Inc, & BaJa Technology, LLC. He has successfully raised more than $10M for seed ventures and has worked with notables such as Carlyle, Reservoir, Polaris, and various private investors. He began his career with Zurich Financial and has consulted with Gulfstream Aerospace, Hawker-Beechcraft, and NetJets as well as private aircraft and vessel fleet owners. He currently provides financial and operational guidance to early-stage companies and develops mobile applications in the social, healthcare and defense space. Erik holds an MBA from the Wake Forest University.