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  • Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Chipsets & Sensors - 4th QUARTER 2019
  • NVL-MIMO 1.0 (FPGA Chipset)
    • Multiple antennae capacity, 5G equivalent, golabal, terrestrial and aerospace communications applications
  • NVL-AP WiFi (FPGA Chipset)
    • Asset/Vechicle mount, base station, LTE module, TCP/IP, UWB, regional communicatins coverage.
  • NVL-AP 200 (FPGA Chipset)
    • Small form factor, light weight, wearable, asset/vechicle mount, close quarters communications
  • NVL-Sensor 100 (Protocols Integrated Sensor)
    • Small form factor sensor applications from wearables to industrial protocols,full linked platform
  • Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Chipsets- 2nd Quarter 2020

  • Overview

    The NVL-MIMO 1.0 chipset is the pinnacle of secure power and interoperability. With multiple antennae capacity and 5G equivalency, the chipset can manage communication applications globally in coordination with terrestrial and aerospace assets. Specifically designed with military command and control applications to monitor dispersed assets, personnel, and sensors spanning the globe, it is perfectly suited for disparate and remote monitoring of any low-bandwidth transaction(s) across any network. From a busines perspective, secure, remote node and sensor monitoring within hard to reach or harsh environments is simplified and never subject to external threats or data/device volume constraints. The NVL-MIMO 1.0 seamlessly links with all NvisiLink® chipsets and sensors to give 99% transmission efficacy from origin to destination across and between any network of any size.

  • NVL-MIMO 1.0